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Who are we?

We are BOGEY Golf, a place where people can come to learn more about the different clubs from the leading brands that there are on the market. Here you will find all different types of clubs whether it be the lowest spinning driver on the market, some nice buttery bladed irons, or even a heavy headed mallet putter to help you sink some more putts. You want it? We got it. We will help bring to light some of the most desired clubs for each of the main categories on the market to you and explain to you some of the main points at hand.

Author: Brody Rau

About the Author

Hi! I’m Brody Rau, nice to meet you! I’m the author of this page, I hope you’re enjoying it so far. My goal with this website is to bring to you some of the knowledge that I have gained about certain golf clubs over the past while. A little bit about me? Well, I am currently in my second you of the Interactive media development program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Web Design has always been something quite daunting to me, well… computer in general actually. Before this program I didn’t know the slightest thing about computers, they were just a way for me to blast through my Facebook feed or to find the cutest cat videos on the internet. But now, it has become part of my life and will someday become the biggest part of my future career, and I am looking forward to it everyday! I hope to one day have a career as a marketing technician doing stuff like motion design, graphic design,2D/3D logo/character animation, and web design.