Rory Mcilroy

Rory Mcilroy, age 32, is a professional golfer on the PGA tour and European tour. The golfer from Northern Ireland started playing golf at a very young age, being inspired by his father to start playing and taking it seriously. Rory is currently ranked #15 in the OWGR (official golf world ranking), and over the course of his 14 years as a professional golfer he has managed to rack up a total of 28 wins with 4 of them being major champsionships, 3 of them being WGC events (World Golf Championships), 4 European tour wins, 1 FedEx cup win, and 2 Race to Dubai wins.

Rory is known to have one of the most free swings on tour. What this means is that he swings with no thought and no real tension throughout his backswing and downswing. He makes it seem so effortless. Earlier in 2021 Rory made a big change to his team. He has had the same coach since he was only a child. After seeing digression over the past couple of years in his game he made the switch to start working with one of the top coaches in the world, Pete Cowan. Under his old coach's wing Rory was able to stay at world #1 for over 100 weeks in total. With Pete Cowan taking Rory under his wing this should get Rory back to his winning ways.