Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods (real name: Eldrick Woods) is undoubtably one of the best, if not the best, golfers of all time. Born December 30, 1975, Tiger started playing golf at the very young age of 3, and was suprisingly very good. By age 5 he was featured in Golf Digest and won ABC's "That's Incredible!", and by age 7 he was already winning tournaments with children much older than him. Tiger's father, being part of the military, had access to play the Navy's home golf course, so Tiger would tag along with his father. He had the great pleasure of playing regularly with golfing legend Sam Snead (who is currently tied with Tiger for most PGA tour wins). Tiger was also one of the most successful amateur golfers in the world, winning the US Amateur Championship 4 years in a row.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Tiger is tied with Sam Snead for the most PGA tour victories with 82 wins, however, Tiger's total number of professional wins is 109. Tiger has the second most major championship wins with 15, right behind Jack Nicklaus with 18. Tiger has been dealing with back injuries for the majority of his career, so bad that he has had to have 5 lumbar fusion surgeries. Currently, Tiger isn't golfing due to a tibia and fibula open fracture which was the result of a car crash that he was in back in March. We all hope that Tiger has a speedy recovery soon!