Rory Mcilroy

Who is Rory Mcilroy?

Rory Mcilroy is a professional golfer on both the PGA and European tour. Born in Hollywood, Northern Irleand, Rory now resides in Jupiter, Floride, U.S.A. Every since Rory was young, she showed great promise of becoming a world champion golfer.

Rory's Career

Rory holding a trophy after a win

Rory, former world number 1 golfer, has had a very successful career as a professional golfer. Over the past 14 years of his professional golf career, Rory has managed to win 18 times on the PGA tour, 8 times on the european tour, and 1 time in a team event. Some of his PGA tour wins include 4 major championship wins, 1 players Championship win, 3 World Golf Championship wins, and 5 FedEx cup playoff event wins. The only major championship that Rory has yet to win is the Master Major Championship held at Augusta National Park. Back in 2014 Rory had the chance to win leading the pack going into the final round on Sunday, but unfortunately he didn’t play well which lead to him losing the green jacket.

Rory's Sponsors

Rory has a laundry list of top sponsors from around the world, but Rory's most recognizable sponsors would have to be Taylormade, Nike, Omega, and Optum. Nike has been partnered with Rory since 2013, when he originalled signed for a $20 million a year contract for five years. Since then Rory has extended his parternship deal with Nike for an additional 10 years. When Nike stopped producing golf clubs back in 2018 Rory needed to find a new club and golfball sponsor, which lead him to Taylormade. Taylormade, one of the biggest golf brands in the world, has been sponsoring Rory since 2017 in which they agreed to a $100 million contract with Rory. Currently, Rory is using the new Taylormade SIM2 driver, SIM2 fairwaywoods, P7-MB irons, and switches up his putters every weekend.

Rory's follow-through

Fun Facts About Rory

Rory and Tiger smiling together.

One of Rory's claims to fame was when he was younger he used to chip shots into an old dryer that his family owned. Rory's parents wants to support their son on his journey, so at times they had to work up to 3 jobs to support him. Rory growing up, like many golfers at the time, looked up to Tiger Woods. Tiger was Rory's hero. The two of them finally got to play a competitive match together back in 2010 where Rory was at a score of -4 and Tiger was at a score of -5 going into the last hole of the day. Unfortunately, Tiger shot a birdie and Rory shot a double bogey but Rory says it is a memory he will never forget.